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EP34/ UNSOLVED MURDER - Armani D Morgan

  HANDS OFF MY PODCAST: TRUE CRIME Armani D. Morgan 02/23/23 EP34/ HOM PODCAST RECORDING / JASMINE CASTILLO  I had the honor of speaking with Robin Johnson, who has been speaking out the injustice and undercoverage of her nephew, Armani Dante Morgan. Armani, was assaulted by a close female associate in May 2017, and a month later, he vanished. His story of his life prior to being muffled in news and media because this was a way for his death to be silenced and questioned by the public.  This is Armani Morgan’s Story…. (Insert audio) INTRO: Due to the lack of coverage on Armani’s case, according to his aunt, Robin, was identifying as a gay man at the time of his disappearance and suspicious death, though he often dressed in feminine clothing and was known to carry a purse, leading media outlets to identify him as a transgender woman. The same error was in identifying Tiffany Thomas, 38, who was found shot to death early Saturday morning, April 24, at a car wash at 7171 American Way, nea

EP42/ MISSING PERSON - Cecilia Urena Huerta Gallegos

  Season TWO Episode FORTY-TEO  Part: ONE Cecilia Huerta Gallegos: Remembering Her Life and Seeking Justice ~ with Mireya Lopez By Jasmine Castillo, Host of Hands Off My Podcast Empower the Vulnerable and Make Them Heard. No Longer Voiceless. No Longer Forgotten . INTRO When a husband reports an ongoing domestic assault, authorities quickly respond to the call. However, upon arrival, there is no sign of the alleged female perpetrator, Cecilia Huerta Gallegos. Cecilia never left the home after entering her master bedroom. Where are you Cecilia Gallegos? This is your story…..  "Should I ever go missing, please look for me and know that my husband did something to me!* - Cecilia I had to honor of speaking with Mireya Lopez,  Cecilia’s sister. We discuss her story, for she is still a missing person, and Mireya’s goal is to raise awareness about her disappearance.  Who is Cecilia Urena Huerta Gallegos Cecilia Urena Huerta Gallegos, born November 17, 1988, was the fifth of seven childr